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Hi, just wondered if there were any allotment gardeners out there,we;ve just got a new allotment and wondered when the best time to start planting seeds for seedlings, and what people were going to grow. Any advice would be great.x


Plant an acorn and it will grow into an oak tree:thumbsup:



Plant an acorn and it will grow into an oak tree:thumbsup:

Really, runs to find an acorn.

Damn squirrels have eaten them

I don't know what state your allotment is in but if it is normal it will be a state. My best advice is to cover up at least half the ground to give yourself a fighting chance. You can then work your way along planting without fighting the weeds on the whole area (They will come thick and fast come spring). Get Potatoes into a large area. They are easy to plant a have a large canopy which again help with that weeding. Then think about 3 years of survival/development. During this time you have a lot of learning to do, both general and more specifically about your site, so don't expect to be harvesting a bounty (you may get lucky). Soil conditioning (I have an allotment in Greenwich and the council arrange for horse manure to be delivered for free), weeding (no apology for mentioning it again) and watering are key and where most allotments fall down. Get these right and you will be able enjoy the rest (don't mention the slugs).

Seedling planting depends on your resources. propagators, greenhouse, heat. I would concentrate for you first year on the many things you can plant straight out. They can be very intense. I would stick on the whole for the first year to stuff you can put straight in the ground. May be use a Cloche to speed up the beginning of your season.

This will help with timing and notice the link to a free download of a very nice veg planner.…dar

Have fun and good luck. :thumbsup:
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