Does anyone know if allotments are always council owned or can they be private as well?

    Buying a house and there are allotments behind if, but this site is not on the council website as one of theirs.

    Would anyone know how you find out who would own to see if we can get our name on a list?



    Try asking one of the people you see who already have an allotment?

    Where I live they have just knocked a block of houses down and are now currently building an allotment site where they were. Think they would have done something better

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    Will ask around but havent moved in yet, just trying to finf the waiting list first!!


    Telephone your Local Authority. They will tell you there and then.

    Also, find the entrance to the allotment. Most allotments have the details of the owner on the gate so that people can report problems (nuisances, vandalism etc).

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    Will do, thanks for thoughts!!

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    any reason i cant add to rep?? Just ignoring me when i click on that one??!!
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