Allowing people to use my log in details for PS3 to dl games?

Was thinking of selling/trading some of my Playstation Store games and the obvious thing is the dodgy aspect of giving someone my log in details so they can dl games to their machine.

Is it worth it? could always change my pass and only allow people on here who have decent rep etc etc.


Isn't there the problem of then using the games? They'd have to log onto your details to play them wouldn't they?

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Yeah your probably right there, didn't think of that at first lol!

EDIT. hmmm actually im not sure as ive dl'd games with a different log in from the Jap store and i can play them on my UK account.

Could give it a whirl to test the theory...

yes you can use someone else's login to download the games they bought, via the download list under transaction management IIRC. Once you downloaded the game you can play it with any accounts on your ps3. In fact they have something similar (psn games trading) on the nextgenboards forum.

The problem obviously is once someone has access to your account they can change the password and you could lose everything on your account. A bit risky to my liking unless you can trust the person.

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Yeah thats the only thing, someone trust worthy and in this day and age ahem......

Games i have dl'd btw:

COD4 map pack
Riff: Everyday Shooter
Tekken 5
High Velocity Bowling
Pixel Junk Racers
Sky Diving
Super Rub 'A' Dub
Loco Roco Cocoreccho

Would of sold these for half the price they are on the store.

oooh, id be interested in some of these, are they free ? cheers, danny.

got sky diving alreay though, you could have my PSX games crash bandicoot, crash kart game and classic syphon filter! lol

wouldnt mind swapping some but i only really have a couple of camera games and some singstar songs

is that to me or the OP ^ lol

the op, though ive just googled this and there was something about only being able to do this 5 times or something so not 100% sure now

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Sorry im back now (got Syphon Filter btw).

Well i was looking to trade some of my games to others or sell them for half the price they ask for on the Store. Might be more of a chew on this tbh as the people i would trade with have to be of the trust worthy type
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