Found 17th Dec 2017
I'm trying to find something obscure and can't find it hardly anywhere except this website, but this site looks really strange to me. Free international shipping over $15?!?! Whu...?

Registry.db has it registered to a german woman and address, but coming out of San Francisco. She's linked to 11 domains of similar strange store names and descriptions, and there're barely any search results for Almedstore in google at all...

Anyone got any idea about this site?
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If it looks too good to be true then don't risk it
I think you've already answered your own question, haven't you? I commend you on your investigative work as it sounds suspicious as hell. Coupled with the fact that it's an overseas transaction - unless it's money you don't mind risking losing and details you don't mind going to a likey dubious source then go for it. Otherwise, use your current, intuitive gut instinct and leave well alone!

Perhaps ask (on here, even) about other potential sources for your "obscure" item?

Regards, Phsy.
Thanks guys,

Found one on ebay, bit damaged but it'll do

I was looking for anything remotely like a toy bazooka (shoulder held). Rocket launcher or RPG launcher, futuristic sci-fi laser cannon, doesn't matter. Anything that's basically a big gun you hold on your shoulder. Lights and sounds a bonus. Who'd have thought that they'd be so hard to find!
In their 'About Us' page they go on and on about be a fashion store - why would they sell toys?
On their 'terms and conditions page' they show 'or sponsored by Our Oakley Sunglasses Store'. ????
website registered within last 6 months.
Definitely a scam website where everything is copied, cut and pasted.
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