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Found 18th Mar 2014
Hi guys,
We had booked a 3 star hotel in paris via alpharooms. A couple of days after booking, they emailed me saying there was a linking error due to which they could no longer fulfill our reservation. They offered to move us to a 2 star hotel nearby at the same price or we could ask for a full refund. My question is: If they can't fulfill their reservation, do we have any rights as consumers? Can we ask for a room in another 3 star hotel instead of what they offered?
Many thanks.
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Should be like for like. Just get the refund

Should be like for like. Just get the refund

I would, but we got a really good price for a 3 star hotel. May have to do that if they don't sort it out. thanks anyway
thanks for that. I hope i have better luck with their customer services.
Terms and condition that you agreed to when booking:


Website Accuracy

While we try to ensure that all details, including prices, displayed on our websites are accurate, given the large volume of products we offer, some mistakes will inevitably arise. The product information displayed on our website is taken as live feeds from the systems of the relevant Travel Provider’s and Alpharooms cannot therefore accept responsibility for any errors.

Notwithstanding the above, in cases where details of a product are materially incorrect we will offer you the choice of continuing with your booking at the correct price or cancelling with a full refund of money paid on that product only. We will not be obliged to offer any additional compensation for disappointment suffered.

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Take the Refund and avoid these jokers at all costs.

Booked a Hotel in Chelsea NYC last year with Alpharooms 3 months before we travelled. Then got an email 3 days before departure saying that they had mis-linked the hotel and it was actually in Chicago so they cancelled it giving me 3 days to try and find a reasonably priced hotel. Seems like a regular occurrence withe them.
you should try expedia's lucky dip thingy

you should try expedia's lucky dip thingy

I just googled expedia lucky dip. Nothing came up. I have tried top secret hotels by Hotwire.com and lastminute.com but they still aren't that cheap.

you should try expedia's lucky dip thingy

Googled expedia lucky dip without any luck. Have tried hotwire.com and lastminute.com 's top secret hotels. Prices still aren't quite what I wanted.
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