Already posted but, Vodafone unlock code by email - FREE COMPLETELY

Found 2nd May 2008
This has already been posted under deals but i just wanted to add this;

Anywayz; if you dont want to call and waste 25p then email these guys;


be sure to tell them your

make/mode of phone - so they can give you instructions on how to unlock you phone, this is the sole purpose of this exercise!

and your *#06# IMEI number so that they can provide your NUC - Network unlock code for you, they may have to request this from the manufacturers so you will have to wait a possible 72 hours, but if you provide them with an email address they will email this to you, so you wont have to ring up at all and then it costs you absolutely zilch.. zero nothing!!

Have fun!

if you have a SE phone, then to find out the currenct settings on your phone enter this;
with the arrow keys;

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you need a * before RIGHT * LEFT LEFT * LEFT *

you need a * before RIGHT * LEFT LEFT * LEFT *

i didnt
nope you dont need a star.
Thanks very much for this. I tried emailing them the suggested way and another email address but they told me I had to be with them for more than a year and have my sim registered with them. Thanks again. Rep added.
hi, yeah if you havent had your phone over a year with vodafone, tell them you have, i did with 2 phones for friends and they still provided NUC codes, cheers
Thank you
I tried to get the codes calling Vodafone's CS but the girl I was talking to was unable to get it for me (some SE has longer IMEI number and she had only room for 15 but she was very nice so I did not ask for superior .
I post an email and got answer in less than an hour.
yeah its a good service, IMEI number will be between 15-17 digits, I think most on SE's are 17, cheers
Just sent the email... Fingers crossed!

Cheers OP!
Cool, my mom's been on Voda for years - prob doesn't want to change but an unlocked phone is one hell of a lot better than a locked one (she has some obscure older Sendo phone, never really looked into unlocking it myself)
worth a try again

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