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    Im looking for a few alternative auction sites to sell my items rather than relying on eBay as the fees, terms etc are just spiraling out of control and i dont want to have all my eggs in one basket,

    I have just started using eBid and i was wondering if anyone has any experience with any other auction sites


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    To be honest, other sites don't match up. I know ebay take the mick, … To be honest, other sites don't match up. I know ebay take the mick, charge huge fees and can cause problems for sellers. But overall your stuff will sell and for much higher prices. Not many people are successful on other sites. Those with a niche market or their own website to back it up fare better.It's swings and roundabouts really, ebay sucks at times but the items sell well compared to other sites.

    Hi tinks, i did hear that google were going to start up an auction site and thats one of the reasons they introduced google checkout, but im sure that wont be for a while yet, it just seems that ebay have such a hold over you they can charge what they want and change their tob's whenever they feel like it, i suppose i will just have to stick it out for now,


    bigwardrobe(for clothes &accessories)

    thats all I know of, but nothing seems to be as popular as ebay sadly.
    I also sell on a Mother and Baby site
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