Alternative Router for EE Fibre Brightbox 2

Found 1st Oct 2014
I'm looking for an alternative router for EE Fibre Broadband, I have googled all day and cannot find any information on anyone that has changed to an aftermarket router, the brightbox 2 is beyond useless!

I have looked at the Asus range that do VDSL but cannot find out if it will work with EE (Same as Orange Home I believe)

Also EE have port 25 blocked! no e-mail in 2014 lol!!!
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check out Asus router DSL-AC68U.

I had the cable version of that router connected to my brightbox2 and it's brilliant.

I'm going to get the the DSL-AC68U soon.
Thanks Mikeygolfgt.

I have been looking at those. But before I buy one I want to make sure 100% that it will work. I don't want the Brightbox 2 connected at all.
Hi RustySpoons,
did you find a suitable alternative to the Bright Box and get it working? I'm not keen to use EE's router either, and I'm looking for a more secure third party one to use instead.

Hi Simon.
I have just ordered a Openreach Modem and will buy a normal router that does ppoe. As I think seperate boxes wwill work better.

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