Alternative router for Sky Q

Posted 3rd Mar 2018
Just moved to Sky Fibre with their SkyQ router but the lack of features and parental controls is shocking and looking for a direct replacement or WAP only.

Any suggestions? Budget up to £300

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How good are you with computers ?
If you want a direct replacement you will need the username/password of the current device.
Some more info here:…er/ be aware this is against their T&C’s. Would they do anything, probably not.

Personally if you intend to stay with Sky you will probably be best running the SkyQ hub in modem only mode and buying a different router to handle everything else.

Sky can be awkward with compatibility with direct replacement routers so do your homework.

As for any replacement kit I personally would always choose a 2 piece Draytek setup (if budget allows) over anything else due to compatibility, reliability, performance and guaranteed support but this is at the top end plus of your budget.

Be careful with Asus as reliability and support can be very flakey to say the least, and Netgear does not fully support native IPv6 and their VDSL routers have major stability issues (at least when I last checked - D7000).

Never had any real issues in the past with TP-Link or D-Link so these could also be an option to explore.

Alternatively bin Sky off and move to BT (plenty of deals to be had and may work out cheaper) this way you can use any kit freely as you want. OK BT customer support is S*** at the best of times but if you don’t need to deal with them it’s fine lol.

Of course all the above is of my own opinion.
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