Alternative Router/Modem setup for Sky Fibre

Posted 10th Aug 2018
Hi All

Looking for some advice please as we need to desperately to change our networking setup due to issues with SKy and their lack of any help to resolve.

Previously in another property we were using ASUS's AC68U via DSL but when we bought this place there were issues with stability all to do with the chipset and exchange oh an our ancient telephone line connection.

BUt all done, new line new internal wiring and openreach stated full 80mb profile available. We Got sent a Sky Hub 3 and been doing fine for months.

Having many issues with random disconnects either wireless/wired and no internet connection which is playing havoc with all the lights, cameras and even playing games on xbox one (School Holidays, Mid week and a demon child isnt helping).

Seems our only option remaining is to change to the old white boxes from when fibre first came out but seems to be vast amount of the marketplace. Which is the best one to go for make/model wise for our 80mb sky fibre. Is there a particuar one which works best and is more stable as quick ebay search for openreach modems brings up loads with very varied pricing.

Also going to need a new router as sold our AC68U so something similar but not as expensive would help with decent coverage so i cant get rid of the powerline adaptors, so if anyone have first hand experience and recommendations, especially any with 3rd party firmware support.

Thanks All
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