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    When my sons friend comes over they play the xbox with other kids but they have to put headset on full volume and in the middle of them so both can hear and talk. I was thinking that because there is a 3mm jack could I not connect something else to it like a speaker with a mic?? Has anyone tried it? Would that work?? I was in game today and apparently Xbox aren't going to make anymore Kinect games so no point going down that road just for the speaker/mic

    Any advice would be appreciated


    Buy a second headset?

    Apple headphones should work they have an inbuilt mic

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    The party chat will only work on one headset even if two profiles are signed in


    Apple headphones should work they have an inbuilt mic

    Apple headphones won't work as they swap the mic position around on the 3.5mm jack. Any other ones will be fine though.
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