Alternative to an Ipod

    Hi folks Im not too well clued in with MP3 players other than Ipods.

    My mudder wants to buy me fadder an Ipod for his birthday, but I think the scroll wheel could be frustrating for a pensioner.

    He wants to be able to hook it up to an external amplifier, and the only other feature it has to have is playlists.

    Size is not really important, either physical or storage 8GB or 20GB it doesn't really matter

    Budget is up to the £150 mark.............. I really would appreciate your comments, thoughts and ideas


    hi m8, i have owned samsung mp3 yp series for the last few years, they are in my opinion the best on the market so easy to use via windows, sound is fantantic, to be honest i have not heard better, as my wife has an ipod nono and my son a sony, also they would go for my one all the time, good deals can be found on google, model number is yp-k5 this has a built in speaker a little bulky but the sound is great and the new one i have just bought has video playback is the yp-p2jcb 8 gb a little piece of art, hope this helps as i think i have tried everything on the market and can honestly say the samsung is by far the best, thanks mark


    Creative Zen V+ 8GB - MP3 Player - With Video Playback & FM Radio - £128

    Is'nt this a marketplace seller

    No Good?:whistling:

    The Sandisc players get good reviews my daughter has an E280 which is small, easy to use and seems well made.

    marder and fadder ... lol us kids call ours parr and maarr.

    The sony ones are good if you dont want an ipod.
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