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    Now that easymobile is closing its doors, I would like to find an alternative. Can anyone help?

    I had an easymobile sim in a phone used by my 8 year old son. The phone is locked so that he can only phone us and he probably makes 2 calls a month. We call him perhaps 8 times a month (essentailly he takes it with him when he is round friends houses and we can call him to come home when his dinner is ready etc.). We got £10 free credit with the sim which hasn't expired and would probably last us 18 months.

    I would like another provider who won't require constant topping up simply because we have low use. The service from CPW that easymobile recommend (fresh) has a 60p per month charge if you make less than £1.50 of calls. This compares to easymobiles 75p charge every 3 months if you use less than £5 of calls - i.e. a steep increase. They also cut you off if there is no useage over a 3 month period - a possibility for us.

    I thought Virgin Mobile may be an alternative but their website seems to imply that you have to top-up every month.

    Any ideas?


    I am with virgin mobile and you do'nt have to top up once a month. You can top up anytime and you wo'nt lose your credit. I find it the cheapest call rates out there, especially if you get the whole family on virgin. Check them out. Hope that helps.

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    Thanks - I'm going to sign up with Virgin Mobile.
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