Alternative to magnetic door catch?

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Looking for a quieter/silent door catches for the wardrobe doors in the bedroom (full sized doors, not kitchen cupboard style doors). Current ones make too much of a loud catching sound which wakes up other people in the house.
Is there such a thing as a magnetic door catch or are there any other alternatives to use?
Thanks in advance.
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Could you not put soft close hinges on?
You can use them sticky bubble things that absorb the energy leaving no noise
MonkeyMan9004/02/2020 18:33

Could you not put soft close hinges on?

Sorry I should have mentioned that the doors are full size doors, not small cupboard sized doors. Soft close hinges would be too small for those.
Small felt pad on the door side so it’s not metal on metal
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I just stuck a bit of insulating tape on one edge. Dampens the noise perfectly
Try sticky back draught excluders and stick them to the edge of the doors. It will dampen the sound.
Or you can buy the kitchen soft closure dampers that you could screw near to where the wardrobe doors meet and it will also dampen the sound.
Something like this
I have the ball catch latches on my hallway cupboard doors that are actually larger than a normal door, you can close them quietly if you are careful.

Try adjusting them so it only just catches.
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