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Found 15th Apr 2015
I recently got a new Macbook which I love. There are times however when I want to rip CDs I've got. I've had a look and the official Apple product is over £60 which is a lot for a feature I'll only use every now and again.

Can anyone recommend a cheaper good alternative? I've seen a few posts online that you have to be really careful now that it is compliant with Apple's hardware and software...
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Do you have an old laptop/computer with a drive, if so you could use drive sharing. I remember using it years ago to install CD software onto the macbook pro.…_GB
If you own the CDs. Down load the rips, get an Apple Match subscription, upload the rips and Apple will give your free full quality iTunes files for free.
I can't see how any of that would be classed as illegal. You own the media and Apple legitimises a rip for you b
I brought a £5 off ebay. No idea about model or make. It worked fine.

There's a standard chip set for the USB drivers and I'd be rather surprised if the cheap ones failed to work as they need to work with everything. Now the expensive ones can be made model specific so they often don't work. Perverse isn't it
Any usb drive will work fine
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