Alternative to selling on Ebay.

    In my opinion Amazon is a real alternative to selling on Ebay. I have happily sold many things already with no sign of those pesky Nigerian scammers. What do other people think?


    Ebay and Amazon both have got + and -. For e.g. in Amazon new sellers cannot add new products if what they want to sell is not already sold there whereas you can sell anything in ebay. Their Market Place return policy is such that if buyers file a case, the money is returned to the buyer even if they don't return the item back, whereas Paypal asks for proof of return.

    the problem is with amazon they always find in favour of buyer i sold some items and post office said they recieved them because they didnt send back saying they hadnt amazon gave me a lifetime ban from selling cause i refunded 7 people in 2 months then when i told them about buyers not cooperating they said i was kicked of because of neg feedback despite my feedback being 4.5 out of 5
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