Alternative to Windows Media player 11

    anyone got any other good music players, dont fancey getting caught with WM11 with there DMR protection.



    VLC is great, Ive also been recommended Media Player Classic which is supposed to be even better! (Havnt tried it myself though)

    VLC from me too.
    I use WMP10, and will not go to WMP11, cos i read in the forums that football streaming does not work well with it.
    VLC for sure

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    ok thanks will give it a go

    I use VLC also.

    Great for most video types as well.

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    anyone know how i make VLC my primary music player:|, cant seem to see any options on either VLC or WM11

    You'll need to change the folder options in XP, to play MP3 files with VLC

    Open windows explorer
    Folder Options
    File Types (tab)
    Scroll down to MP3
    Highlight it
    Click Change

    You'll see a new window, "open with"
    Change from WMP to VLC
    Make sure the tickbox, "Always use the selected program to open this type of file" is ticked and that will sort it

    Repeat as necessary for any other file types you need to change

    I have to put in a vote for Media Player Classic - I use it all the time myself, much better than WMP, both in terms of loading time, and closing when I want it to (for some reason, if I were to use WMP, most of the time closing it wouldn't actually close it, and audio would just keep playing, until I killed the process).

    Download Media Player Classic

    I have used WINAMP since 1999 and it has been awesome ever since.

    VLC is the future.


    I use VLC for all incomplete vids or vids I cannot get to open in wmp. I have a questions though:-

    When I double click and make the vlc screen full size, i get a window box on top of the full screen which is the size of my non-fullscreen vlc window. anyone know why ?

    Yeah, i have woke up in a bad mood.
    You're welcome Harvie, no problem, thanks for taking the time to say thank you.
    Doesn't take long, lot less time in fact than the time it took for me to post how to change the settings.
    One more person to add to the "i won't help again, cos they don't say thank you".
    They're are some ungrateful so and so's on here at times.....:-( :x
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