Alternatives to Dermol 500?

Posted 14th Apr
I am wondering if people could recommend a “stronger” or more effective moisturiser than Dermol 500. My friend has had a skin graft and is wondering if there is anything else available to moisturise the area. The skin graft is all healed

Thanks in advance
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Lots of things available. It really doesn’t matter what is used, it the massaging that does the job. Can use Vaseline, E45, Cetraben, Oilatum. There’s loads out there. Find find one that makes the massaging easier. I tell my patients to use what ever they prefer.
Double base, ZeroBase, Aveeno cream, Epaderm ointment.
Double base is really good. Can be prescribed but I’m guessing you wouldn’t want to go to surgery just now
Avenco or cetreban are really good. Also bio oil is a godsend
I was recommended Diprobase by the nurse and Pharmacist for my donor site. The large 500ml bottle works out very cheaply compared to the tubes.
Agree with above, bio oil or Zerobase, both very easy on the skin and effective.
Dermol 500 is quite a effective emollient over the ones mentioned. It has antibacterial properties in it. Double base and Epaderm are good .
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I've used moogoo on, does wonders for my son
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