Found 12th Sep 2009
Anyone have any good alternatives to eBay??

I use to sell records and cd's. Great for buyers as well as you get the exact item you want with the grading. eBay has no grading so paypal aren't bothered if the seller says it's mint and it turns up knackered.
Also great foe sellers as no listing fee and only 5percent fee

I also use playtrade. Similar fees to eBay but is nice and easy. And no chargebacks etc. Once it's sold the money can be transfered to your bank. No waiting for paymen

I also sell stuff to cex as some of the prices and trade in prices are better that you can sell them for.

Anyone got any good alternatives ???
I'd love to know where I can sell old snes & sega games



HUKD and also I've heard a few things about ebid, but as it's not so popular sellers don't tend to get as much interest or decent prices.

local nwspaper OR
car boot??????

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amazon!!!local nwspaper ORcar boot??????

I once looked at amazon but prices were daft. Explains why people sell stuff for 1p and then charge high postage
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