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Found 18th Feb 2011
I'm looking for alternative contracts/PAYG to the GiffGaff £10 offer - giffgaff.com/ind…fer

Are there any out there that rival it?

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Out of interest, why do you need something to rival it? Why can't you use giffgaff?

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O2 reception isn't great in my area, but if there isn't a deal close then I might just have to put up with it.
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The only rival thhat I have heard of is tghe Tesco Sim only monthly contract deal that appears ever so often. However its not on at the minute and also uses o2's network so will not help you.

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Cheers. I thought I remembered seeing a good T-Mobile offer but I can't find it now.


what abt 3g .. they have the 1 plan .. bit more expensive but the data is unlimited and teathing is allowed aswell as using at a wifi hot spot or a pc modem. plus u get 2000 anytym any net mins + 5000 text and sme other stuff

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Some good deals on 3 actually, I might see what their network coverage is like round here. Cheers.
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