Alternatives to replastering?

Found 15th Feb 2018
The front part of the chimney breast wall is not just peeling off plaster, but the plasterboard is breaking off as well...

Are there any alternatives to reboarding and replastering given its just one side of the wall?

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Blocks under the board? Few screws to secure board. No nails to stick a nice bit of plasterboard over the top. Make good the edges and paint.. Not how I would do it though. Cost about £12 total I guess.. Other way is to drill a few 10mm holes. Shoot some foam in.. Just a little or it will push off board.. Fill holes and paint.. You can stick plasterboard to blocks with a tin of expanding foam as it works great for repairs. Total about £10
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I would be wondering what was causing this issue. If you make this right without fixing the real reason for it happening than you will be back fixing it again later on
Sort out leak or damp first.

Get a quote then get an Eastern European quote - much cheapness.
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