Alton Towers

    Hi all, looking to go to Alton Towers on July 25th, I know there are loads of buy 1 get one frees around but i'm after the fast track tickets coz I HATE waiting!!
    anyone got one or know where I can buy from?
    thanx in advance



    I dont think that these would be on the buy one get one free as they are about £12 (from what I remember) more expensive than the standard entrance tickets. I think these tickets are a big reason why they are doing the buy one get one free tickets. You could go when it is due to hammer it down..we did that and everything was open and VERY quiet.

    fast track as far as im aware can only be bought on the day at the gates. However my hubby bought them last year even though he was using a clubcard deal.


    you can buy on the web site…ent
    at £58 each i dont know were magic jay got £12 from lol

    These are sold at various points inside the park. In November the cost was £10 for five of the biggest rides. Have fun

    i can get you a brittrips ticket offer if you want one just send me an emails marked britrips and i'll try and send you a printable ticket::-
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