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    Hi going to alton towers on 11th,12th april and want to know if we can get in early ie. 9.00am instead of 10.00am with merlin pass. Very unclear on web site, and sister went last week and said they were one of first in park at 10.00am.Can any one help clear it up.Also best rides to go on first, last time was over 20 years ago.


    the best would be the new one i guess THIRTEEN

    not sure 'bout getting in early with merlin passes....

    as far as i'm aware everyone is allowed in at 9am, but rides dont start till 10am (atleast it did last year - despite living 15mins away i dont go very often...)

    head to the big rides first. if you want to try the new ride (thirteen) then go there first, then go nemisis, air and ripsaw, then rita, obilivion etc.

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    From web site.
    Early Ride Time Please note - Early Ride Time is not available during February Half-Term, Scarefest and Adrenalin Week. If you book a main season Adult, Child or Family ticket online, you’ll benefit from Early Ride Time - enjoy a selection of the most popular rides and attractions 1 hour before the park opens. Early Ride Time for 2010 includes the following rides and attractions:

    •Marauder's Mayhem
    •Heave Ho!
    •Runaway Mine Train
    •Sharkbait Reef by SEA LIFE

    Yea it is I've got an anual pass from merlin it's early entry for you and hotel guests only at 9 and the public at 9.30 rides don't start while ten but use this to get in a que for 13 first or as above get those rides done early up to you!!
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