Alton Towers, Caribbean Weekend- info only please ofnear by attractions?

So guys thanks for all the advice and tips when booking the other day, we will use the water park for part of our stay, but would also like to explore the local area, i.e. Potteries etc, but wondered if any one knew how far teh amenities i,e resteraunts and other attractions were from Alton Towers, suitable for children.



I live about 2 or 3 miles from Alton Towers. I have got to say there really isn't much to do iun the immediate area. The nearest big town would be Hanley. There is a reatial park called festival Park. It has a cinema, paintballing, ten-pin bowling ,water slides dry skiing and some shops too.
If you find direction on googlemaps from between ST1 5PU and Festival Park, Stoke-on-trent ST1, United Kingdom you will find the main road where the reatil park runs.

Here are a couple of links:
The Wizard of Oz is on at the New Vic :…tml…ids

Just though Foxfield railway is quite nice too.…919

I hope this helps!

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Thank you so much thats great, regards Els:thumbsup:

I can recommend Gladstone a working pottery musuem…um/

It's got plenty for the kids (making and painting pottery) and you will never forget flushed with pride (a toilet exhibition).
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