Alton Towers - Height Restriction Policy?

Found 11th May 2010
I am taking my 8 and 10 year old kids (and hubby!!) to Alton Towers next Friday and have noticed that 5 of the rides have a 1.4 height restriction. My youngest is 1.3 height. Does anyone know how hot they are on their heights before I break the news!!! I understand some rides have to be a certain height because of the seat positioning but I don't think this is always the case.

I've not been their for about 10 years so any hints of what to do and where to go first would be great.

Thanks for any info you can give.
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very tight last time i went...its health and safety!
where a good trainer could add about 5 cms. I think it often depends if really obvious so i ould warn them and tell them not to slouch in the queues as you may find they get on some not others.
But have you checked pricing policy i kn ow with my brother always being tall hes 6ft5 now . My parents had to pay him as adult which is usually over1 i think for places before he was 12 as he waas tall. When my parent3 argued they said if hes tall enough to ride as a teen they must pay for him as a teen

So could be you pay for them as a child and thats all they can ride. You get coloured wrist band right to show if child or adult ??
Its because of this


A couple of weeks ago there were checking every one nearly at height properly and were very strict
They were very strict when we went - even on the rides where you had to be 0.9m to ride (like my youngest who is just 0.9m) - too worried about being taken to court if anything goes wrong. Health and safety gone mad!
very strict when we went my little girl was standing as tall as she could and they were really checking even on the rides we went on with her,
maybe tell LO he might not get on them then if he does its a bonus for him when he gets there
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