Alton Towers - Kids under 4

    Does anyone know if Alton Towers query kids ages if they are under 4 ie. free entry.
    I'm concerned as my child is nearly 4 and quite tall - what if they don't believe me?


    from experience they are quite lenient but if your worried might be worth digging out their birth certificate and taking it

    Never had a problem with this at Drayton Manor, so can't see it would be an issue at Alton Towers either.

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    Good thinking - thanks for that.:thumbsup:

    yup just take a passport that should be fine, if u have 1, just to be on the safe side rather than ending up paying if they dispute the age

    If there older than 4 but look young... just tell the kid to say hes 4! :thumbsup:

    In my opinion, the chlid prices are too high for any chlid upto the age of 7...

    plus the adult prices are a rip off!!

    Look for some 2 4 1 offers..

    i know WALKERS crips had offers on their packs not too long ago..but i dont know the T&C's..

    Maybe worth a trip to HOME BARGAINS who always have older stock of crips etc.. -- that way if you get questioned .. you get it 2 4 1 anyway...


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    Thanks for your tips guys. I'm already using a 2 for 1 voucher for me and hubby and just wanted to make sure that I don't have to pay for the little one.
    I agree that the child prices are a rip off andt we sure won't be going next year when he's 4!!!
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