Alton Towers Query

    Alrighty There!

    First off, apologies if this is in the wrong place...

    I'm planning on going to Alton Towers this year, for two days.

    I've already got the '2 for 1' coupons, meaning I can get in for £18.00 rather than the rather hefty £36.00

    I knew that there was a deal printed on the actual tickets offering reduced prices if you return the next day, I've just found out that that is £9.00 - rock on.

    However, my question is - can I also use the '2 for 1' on the Next Day price - therefore reducing it from £9.00 to £4.50? Or is there a "cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer" clause?

    Help much appreciated!




    I would strongly imagine it's 2 for 1 when 1 adult pays full price. Hence, it wouldn't be valid for the 2nd day.

    Last year I bought all my Alton Towers tickets for a couple of quid a time on ebay. Of course takes time to find the dates you want, but it might be worth a look. There are some on there at the moment, from newspaper offers that people apply for and sell on for whatever they can get. Good luck.:thumbsup:
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