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Found 27th Jun
Hey guys, I’m off to Alton towers tomorrow and Friday, anyone have any ideas on how busy it might be??? Cheers guys
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Should be reasonably quiet.
The weather will mean it's going to have a a few people finishing early for a long weekend and uni students, but compared to kids summer holiday it will be quiet.
Just wear comfortable shoes theres lots of walking in alton towers as the rides are so far apart from each other
Hmmm even if you have to wait 10 mins per ride, which would be much less waiting time to the usual waiting time. However stood in the baking sun is not going to be a very nice experience.
I went with a few friends once when it was very hot and we all looked pretty miserable half way through
My crystal ball isn't working in this heat. Taking an educated guess it'll be quite busy as some schools go there as their end of year treat. You may fall for 200+ children from year 11. Add that to the heat .
Those lines and this heat, I wouldn't call that fun at all.
At a guess, I'd say, pretty busy...

Little tip - run straight for Wickerman as soon as the gates open. Get it over with early, or face a 2 to 3 hour queue later. My favourite coaster in the park - well worth a little sprint first thing!
Went sunday just gone, average waiting for the bigger rides was 40 minutes, although some went to 75/90 mins at various points throughout the day. We used the official app to keep an eye on ride queues to minimise our waiting times and so didn't get stuck in the really long waits, although this meant we ended up walking back and forth to the different zones more than normally would to get these better times, depends how many rides you want to fit in.

Have fun!!

Tips for those that haven't been:

Get there early, the queues start before you get to site, small village roads get busy, follow the cars and park-up. Next walk to monorail and queue to get on, then walk to main park entry area and queue for tickets (unless you've already got them and printed yourself?).
Not all rides open at 10am so check before you go to one to discover it opens at 11am!!

It was a hot day on sunday, luckily most rides queues are quite covered at many points, but you'll get warm on a hot day just by queueing and walking around.
If its a cold day don't do the water rides, there is a big walk-in dryer if you do get wet which costs quite a bit, but it isn't much fun shivering until you do dry off. Use a Poncho if you don't want to get wet!

I'd certainly take some kind of bag with drinks and snacks in, food and drink onsite is quite expensive. Down-side is having to carry the bag but you can store it at each ride before you go on. Obviously you can take other things in the bag to keep you comfortable, hat, poncho etc :D.

Don't be tempted by winning a big teddy, or at least wait until the end of the day, they are massive and not easy to carry around
all day!

My rides info - what I went on this visit:
Wicker Man was ok, pretty fast and looks good. It was the first ride we did and is the newest and obviously popular, first time I've done it and would have done it again but did other rides instead then ran out of time.

The Smiler is the best rollercoaster by a long way (imho), lasts quite a long time too, did that twice in the day.

Rita has the best start of any ride, although is over with quite quickly.

Oblivion's drop is amazing, best on the front row. It's over pretty quickly after that though.

Nemesis is a great rollercoaster also, have to protect your head/ears from getting a bit bashed about, but good fun.

Thirteen is fun with a few scares, good for younger riders too if they enjoy faster rollercoasters.

Galactica was also ok, I can't do normal VR due to makes me feel ill, but I was ok on this ride.
The issue was the queue was slow due to everyone needs a hand getting the headset on, you can ride without the VR headset (aka old AIR ride), but you still have to wait for the VR riders to get their headsets on behind you.
Also each headset it wiped with a wetwipe, this made the lenses all smudged and so wasn't that easy to see - I didn't realise until the ride had stopped that that's what my issue was!

Runaway Mine Train - for littler kids really/family ride.

Blade - another littler kids ride.

Spinball Whizzer - I pretty much hated it! Jerked me about no end, I've done many of these types of rides in the past and never remember to skip it in the future!

Enterprise - My worst ride Felt very dizzy coming off that. Same as others I've been on in the past but for some reason my brain couldn't take it this time. Good for others that can take been span around for a few minutes .

Hex & Duel - I've been on these before so didn't go on these this visit, they're worth going on if you haven't tried them.

SkyRide - not really a ride as such, but is good to get around the park and experience being high above the trees and people.
Fast Track Wicker Man!!
ASongOfFireAndIce27th Jun

Fast Track Wicker Man!!

No need... just run for it first thing. We did this a week after opening and got on the first ride 2 days in a row.
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