Alton towers returning tickets !?!?!?!?

Found 30th Apr 2009
Can someone please let me know if Alton towers still offer a cheap ticket so that you can come back the very next day?
If they do can someone say how much this is roughly and also can this be bought if you use a voucher etc to buy the original tickets ???
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i think you can still buy them when you use a discounted ticket and last time i went they were a tenner for the next day ticket. hope this helps
when i went a few weeks back it was £5 to go back the next day, some special offer, they put a leaflet on the window of ur car. yes u can still go back for £5 even if u have a free ticket. car park is a total ripoff tho £5 :x
I went beginning of April and I saw a sign for £7 to return next day.

If you have a disabled badge and go to the disabled /express car park then it is free.
I went yesterday and it was £9 for a ticket to return the next day, or £14 to return anytime before 1st November 2009.
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