Found 7th Mar 2009
hi does anybody know if you have to have 7 different number tokens and the starter token or 6 and the starter token, Let me know if anyone does.


Alton Towers is not THE SUN.

THE SUN is that big fiery thing in the sky, Alton Towers is a fair-to-middling theme park near Stoke.

Don't thank me, just here to help :thumbsup:

Yeah if you have the started token with the booking form all you need is six other tokens! xx

i wanna do this, am i too late?

You need seven tokens.. running untill the 12th march... too drunk to work it out soz lol... maybe someone on here might have some extra tokens to spare, can't hurt to ask??

ive got 3 sun's from this week pm me if anyone need voucher from them

you just need 7 Different tokens ,, 6 + starter is ok m8 ,, or just any 7 tokens

so can you get the starter in any sun?

also do you get 2 tickets or one?

as far as im aware you dont need the starter just any 7 differant numberd tokens.
yeah its in the t&c -
readers must collect 7 differently numbered tokens, no photocopies accepted,

closing date for applications is march 18 2009

if you want any more info iv got the paper pull out here :thumbsup:

the starter token was either sent to you if you did this last year or it was in last saturdays ,, u collect 7 different tokens for 2 ticket…ece

read it here


so can you get the starter in any sun?also do you get 2 tickets or one?

you get 2 free tickets worth £72 plus kids go for £9.50 each
they also offering 50% offresort hotel rooms :thumbsup:

no its not too late you can get the booking form on-line with a added token,tokens are still printed until tues,
ask family freinds,neighbours for last weeks copies of the sun to get out the tokens or some people on here may have some spare ones that they could send you
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