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Found 30th May 2018
Hi there

I am looking to book Alton Towers for two adults in July.

I’m staying overnight in the hotel so would like tickets that last two days.

What’s the cheapest way to do this? 2 for 1 tickets appear to finish tomorrow and even still would cost £110 for two adults for two days...

Help please!
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July is peak season so tickets get in high demand.
Check out ebay there should be Sun tickets floating around, normally around £10 a ticket, but I'd expect to pay £15 in July more the clsoer it gets.
If you buy your tickets online the price for a day ticket is currently showing at £33 pp

I have just had a packet of Seabrook crisps which has a 2 for one offer code on the pack that I can send over if you want it? It expires next May, so may be of more use than the codes expiring today.

I'm not sure if you will be able to use the code with the reduced ticket price online, however.
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