Alton Towers Tickets for 16/05/09

    I have 2 adult free tickets and 2 tickets to get kids tickets for 9.50 from the sun newspaper offer. They are valid for 16th May 2009 only. Like many other people who took the sun up on this offer I can't make that day as its a weekend when my 10 year old is with his dad ( we are divorced) and his dad won't swap weekends so I'm hoping to find someone on here to swap with. May 23rd, 24th, 25th or 26th would be great if anyone can help?


    i thgought someone would have swapped with you straight away with you having weekend tickets
    i havnt recieved mine yet :cry:

    i have yet to recieve mines as well

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    am hoping that having weekend tickets will work in my favour and i'll get a swap but as yet no takers anybody? somebody

    i have tickets for thursday 21st of may if interested

    I have tickets for the 3rd of June if thats any good?

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    these tickets are still available for a swap if anyone is interested?

    I have tickets for Sat Aug 8th - I know it's not that dates you wanted but worth a try!

    I have 29th Sept if you're interested in swapping?
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