I Have 2 adult tickets to alton towers on 20/5/09 for swap from the sun promotion, would these dates suit anyone, who can;t go on their dates?


    Shame - I need them for the week after W/C 25th May

    My tickets are for 14/05/09 I have 2 adult admission tickets and 2 kids £9.50 tickets - looking to swap for a day in the school holidays

    I've got tickets for monday the 4th of may which i need to swop due to work commitments, are they any good for you?


    I've got tickets for Tuesday 14th April but we don't have any children and so don't need to go in the holidays. I'd be happy to swap with you.

    I got tickets for 25th April which I will consider swapping preferably for another weekend in May.

    Iv got tickets for the 21st May?

    i've got the 1st july but we are moving house that day. preferably looking to swap for a weds outside of school holidays if you want to swap your dates would be perfect?

    I have 2 tickets for Sun 17/5/09 and 2 for Mon 18/5/09.
    I'm after tickets dated Sat 23/5/09 and Sun 24/5/09.

    Can anyone help? Thanks.


    Moved to MISC as these are a 'Freebie' swap, thanks.

    I have either Saturday 20th June or Sunday 21st June if you are interested in swapping?
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