Alton towers tickets via sun offer....SWAP needed 16/06/09

    I am in an exam on this date and would therefore wish to swap with anyone!! weekdays preferred



    I have sent a PM to you. have tickets for following days 18/5 4/6, 6/6, 15/6, and 18/6 if you interested.

    Hey everyone - I have 3 sets of tickets (2 free adults plus 2 child entrys for £9.50) I would love to swap for ideally the 17th September as it's my son's birthday, but I would accept the 16th or 18th of September.
    They are for the 16th May (Saturday)
    1st July (Wednesday)
    and finally the 11th October (Sunday)

    Please pm me if you can swap, as I'm gutted that every single one of these dates I'm either away on holiday or can't get the time off work.
    Thank-you in advance :-)
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