Alton Towers - Urgent!


    I'm going alton towers tommorow with some friends. There will be a group of 5.

    Does anyone know of anywhere we can get it any cheaper?

    Just entry into the park - no need to stop int he hotel or anything.

    £28-32 seems to be the price.

    As theres 5 of us is there any family deals or anything? You need to buy 2 days in advance on the site, and there price list is cheaper than the parks but thats not applicable now.

    Were 5 18 year old STUDENTS will that work in our favour?

    Any help would be appreciated,


    ps. The codes on this site arnt available for this week!:-(


    Original Poster

    thanks but didnt osmeone on the other thread say its been edited? an its only valid untill june 30?

    I got 2X buy one get one free tickets with my Sainsbury shopping on Saturday.
    Its a peel off little voucher they give you - not sure if that is the only prize, I suppose everyone gets something don't they?
    Aaw what a shame you did not get this up earlier - you could all have popped to Sainsburys to buy a few things and got a ticket each - you might have got lucky:-(

    Are there no BOGOF vouchers with any of the cereals or washing powders ATM? - if there are you could pop to a 24 hour supermarket tonight it you have one local.

    Original Poster

    not that i know of

    I was at Sainburys earlier as well! didn't give me a voucher when i bought my things though
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