Alton Towers--->What rides first?

    I'm going Alton Towers in a few days so when I get there, what rides do you recommend going on first? Last time I went was about 10 months ago so I can't really remember where the rides are. I obviously want to go on these rides:

    But in which order shall I go on them?


    do you have kid with you?

    do you have kids with you?

    Go on Monorail first tee hee!

    Why not get a fastpass which enables you to go in the fast pass lanes if its going to be busy.

    Rita first. that will get you in the mood for thrills.

    my usual order,runaway mine train, haunted house, nemesis, air , canyon water ride, log flume,then over to either rita or oblivion. leave thirteen till last its too busy in the morning everyone goes there first

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    Thanks guys

    And we will be in a group mixed age

    I was there on Tuesday. Since we stayed at the Splash Landings hotel we got in 1 hour early so headed for Oblivion first. Only Oblivion, Air and Nemesis open early, but Oblivion is close to 13 and Rita.

    We then headed to 13- it doesn't open until 10, but a queue was starting to build up when we got there at 9:30. After we'd been on that, we headed to Rita- they're next to each other.

    We then went to Nemesis and Air.

    Got on all of these by 13:00.

    Queue for: Oblivion was 0; 13 was 5min (front row); Rita 20 min (front row); Air 20min (single rider); Nemesis 20min (single rider)

    Queues started to build up in the afternoon, and were about 1hour.

    Hope this helps.

    don,t forget halal food at the eating place next to sharkbait reef
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