Alton Towers with a back pack? where do you put it on rides?

Found 14th May 2010
Sorry to be an son is going there tomorrow with school. they are taking packed lunches so he needs a back pack.
What happens when you get on the rides? is it like florida where you put them on the ground next to your ride and just pick them up when you get off or do you have to start using lockers etc. they will all want to go on the rides so no one will hold them all.
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Just leave 'em on the ground & pick back up when you get off.
There are cages by the rides you put your things in.:thumbsup:
Give him a tenner and remove the burden of a bag :thumbsup:
Alternating cages, when one group gets on the ride they slide the door across then when you get off they slide it across again. As long as you watch your bag as soon as you get off its a pretty safe system.
There are lots of lockers situated around the park so it might be worth using these. I think they are a pound a go but that's a small price for peace of mind.

Give him a tenner and remove the burden of a bag :thumbsup:

Completely agree with you but unfortunately his mates arent so he wants to do what they are doing. I would never carry a bag around a theme park if i could get away with it.
thank you everyone repped you all. Have a nice weekend.
Lockers in a building on the right side just after you've entered the park ;-)
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