Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Found 10th Jul
I'm new to Venetian Blinds and have some questions I'm hoping you might help with.
Are Venetian Blinds reasonably easy to fit and install.
Is aluminium suitable for a bedroom
Any recommendations for online suppliers and any companies to avoid.

Many thanks
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Can't see why you couldn't have aluminium blinds in a bedroom, we have them in a few rooms but not bedrooms . What I would say is that they are dust gatherers , some colours seem to attract dust more than others . Also if you have your windows open , you really need the blinds pulled all the way up , a slight gust of wind and they rattle and on windier days they will clang around . So if you sleep with your windows open at all it could be an issue. Not sure where you are based , but I could recommend a good company in Essex , they also measure and fit for free.
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Hello tinkerbellian.
Thanks for your reply. That's an important point about the wind and rattles I hadn't considered.
I'm in south Dorset so unable to take you up on your company recommendation.
Make sure they are custom measured, trimming down off-the-shelf blinds to fit is a major faff. I've used several times, good prices and fast delivery. Cashback too. If you can put up a shelf, you can put up blinds.
Hi tallpete33,
thanks for the link, I've placed an order with them.
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