Am affordable laptop to play World of Warcraft

Found 24th Mar 2015
As well as web browsing, netflix, live footy streams etc

budget is £400
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My son's Acer is gaming cap & v affordable but a wee bit more than you say yr budget is, unless u can find it on sale. It's the Aspire V5 series and cost about £700 but his model is last year's and might have come down in price...

Others he looked at for budget gaming were ASUS & Lenovo.

For price search / comparison, u might wanna try Martin Lewis's MegaShopBot

Hope this helps
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Bit over budget, but if you want to play wow without it annoying you, have to spend the cash.
i had this…tml
but the model from 5 years ago. and it still runs wow and netflix now. thats £199 on offer at PC world. works fine on lower settings but it's wow not really needing the high end graphics to enjoy it. bit slow boot up and stuff but works
Any reason why it has to be a laptop? saving space? wanting something portable?

If not,I'd recommend going for a desktop rig. You get more for your money from it.

You can get a decent rig that will play most games for about 500-600. To get the same quality rig in a laptop you're looking at 800-1050£.

I wouldn't touch a laptop unless I had restricted space for a pc. But even then I'd try getting a pc to fit.

Someone else will be able to advise you into self built. Where you could get an even better rig for a small budget over a shop built one.
My laptop cost £200 new about 3 years ago and plays WOW fine. Samsung RV510 running windows 8.1
Thing is there is playing wow, and there is playing wow. If you are into raiding, with gfx on medium and a few addons running , you are going to need something half decent to stop those fps dropping.
if you only wanna play wow and not guild wars 2 then any 4th gen haswell i processor laptop will do just great. The laptop you linked to before will play gw2 at medium settings pretty well but is at the limit of what you can call a gaming laptop it will struggle with more demanding games.. I'm sure a good deal will pop up at some point.
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