Am after a really nice watch for my Dad's 50th

Already got him a few other bits looking to spend upto £75, maybe 100 quid. Searched through the deals but couldn't find anything to recent. Anyone seen anything nice in the last week or so? Thanks!


I was given a Seiko S/steel Kinetic watch for my 50th and it has been great. I think it cost about £120 but I am sure you can get that down a bit... He will love the fact there are no more batteries

Have a look at secret sales. If you need to be invited PM me and I'll invite you , just need to send an email address. Lots on there reduced to £75-100 from £300 or so.
It's invite only I think, but I am happy to invite the odd person.

RHODENWALD & SOHNE Round Water Resistant Chronograph Watch in Black rrp£206 our price £61.00

Jay,, if your gonna buy a watch buy it from amazon, brilliantly price very competitive and an awesome range you will get a nice watch for the money you have. Check out Amazon !


Try Argos.
They have Wave 'ceptor watches. casio, I think.
Not only decent looking but radio controlled.
Perfectly accurate, knocks Rolex into oblivion in regards to accuracy.
Or try amazon.
I got my cheap....£17 "Precision" digital Radio controlled watch there.
Not as good looking as a casio and the strap isn't comfy but it is accurate to within one second in 10 million years....innit!

A good way of getting a nice watch, and at a bargain price too, is at Goldsmiths through Tesco Clubcard Vouchers:


You must spend at least £200 (£50 of clubcard vouchers), but it is a great way of using vouchers. PS, if you don't have enough/any vouchers, I've got about £85 worth left and could do you a deal. :thumbsup:

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Thanks for all the tips guys cheers.
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