am fed up waiting for deliveries and post men lol

am terrifed of missing all my parcels, i need some fresh air lol do you think peeps will get everything delivered in time



i am waiting on one thing still, ordered it on the 1st dec as well ! shows in stock on the dlivery page today so will hopefully be here tomorrow !!

fingers crossed x

i know what you mean... got stuff still to be delivered but need to go out today to get some xmas food & get 2 of my boys hair cut - no doubt the deliveries will come when i'm out :-(

on delivery has turned up now ... only another 2 deliveries to go (probably when i'm out :lol: )

Even if I stay in my post office put a little card threw the door saying 'sorry you were out', just because thier delivery driver cannot be bothered to deliver my parcels! Honestly, and I can't get to the delivery office before it shuts, and trying to phone them for a re-delivery, no one answers! Complaint forms? lol. So I'm a few presents short!

Merry Christmas everyone :santa:

Dont speak to me about deliverys.................rant begins.................
I was out on Wed and got DHL card through door so rearranged delivery to Thurs and waited in all day and it never arrived.Called DHL and was kept holding on fone for 15mins @ a time till i decided to hang up. Then got through to them in Manchester on Fri morn and was guaranteed delivery today between 10 and 11 and when id didnt arrived i foned again to be told PARCEL HASN'T GONE OUT FOR DELIVERY TODAY .I think im gonna have to be sedated i am so irate.This was a next day delivery item that was dispatched on 14th ARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....rant over :x

my postman has to be the worlds best, he leaves parcels in a safe place, signs for stuff for me or he brings it back when he knows were in..... i love him!!!!

well.... the home delivery network came whilst i was out as predicted - but left my 2 parcels with my neighbour
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