Found 29th Apr 2010
hi there people, i have a pet for sale but wanted to check that your allowed to advertise on here?

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i'm interested. Is it a cat? I have a bengal tiger and need to feed it cats every couple of weeks. The neighbourhood is running out so need to get from further afield now.

And yes, you can advertise here

Don't think so, as it won't have an rrp

You can only if it's an Elephant.


doubt it

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thank you for all the wierd and wonderfull answers, its a gecko lizard, dont think it would fill your tigers belly


Report your thread for a moderators response

the red triangle to the left of your avatar


You can sell pets on

Looks like you will be the only listing though…new

Stick Insects have been sold before.

I was going to guess it was a rabbit® :-D

Original Poster

thank you


Yep that's fine as long as you're happy your pet is going to a suitable new home
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