Am i allowed to sell Airline vouchers on here ??

    I have 4x $150 Delta vouchers that they gave us for compenstaion towards a flight. Am i allowed to sell these on here or not ?


    Should be mate, yeah.

    Check the vouchers, does it say not for resale/not transferable?

    only allowed to sell two not four, this is what i was told when i tried to sell four of something.

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    they are transferrable as i phoned them but all 4 can't be used to purchase one ticket

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    only allowed to sell two not four, this is what i was told when i tried … only allowed to sell two not four, this is what i was told when i tried to sell four of something.

    yeah i know i can just sell 2 thanks


    Providing there are no terms stating that these are non transferable then there shouldn't be a problem

    (10) You must NOT list items for sale at higher than the recommended retail price. The marker of RRP will be determined by cross indexing with Amazon or other well known retailer. Profiteering is NOT permitted and this includes items previously found at a lower price in the 'Deals' or ANY forum here.
    * Vouchers available as non transferable or with next to no resale value, such as 0.001p for example and generally available free items etc. must NOT be offered for sale or trade.

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    Value: The face amount of this voucher may be applied to the purchase of any ticket for passenger travel within the Delta system worldwide on Delta/Delta Shuttle/Delta Connection and Delta designated codeshare flights. It is valid for payment of published fares and government-imposed ticket taxes/charges only. It may not be used to pay other fees relating to passenger travel, or charges for the shipment of cargo. It has no cash value.
    Validity Period: Voucher is valid for one year from date of issue. Validity period will not be extended.
    Ticketing Information: Please redeem this voucher at ]xxxxxxx. Redemptions at ]xxxxxxxx will not incur a transaction fee. Fees will apply if voucher is redeemed through any other Delta location. Voucher may not be redeemed at travel agencies, other airlines, or other travel websites.
    Residual Value: If redeemed for less than its face value, the remaining residual value of this voucher may be applied to subsequent ticket purchases at ]xxxxxx. The expiration date of the original voucher will apply to any residual value.
    Redemption/Transferability: Voucher may be redeemed only by the owner named on the original voucher ("Owner") or by Owner's designee. Owner may assign the voucher by providing Owner's designee the original 13 digit voucher number and complete name as printed on the voucher receipt. Disclosing this information to any person shall constitute authorization for that person to use the voucher. Owner is solely responsible for protecting this information from disclosure and Delta assumes no responsibility for unauthorized use of the voucher by any person who presents this data at the time of redemption.
    Theft or Loss: Voucher will not be replaced if lost or stolen
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