Am I being spyed on ?

    I'm a bit puzzled . Just since upgrading to service pack 3 my Firewall pops up everytime I connect to OE to check my e-mails and whenever I click on a link using hotukdeals .
    I've traced the hotukdeals links ip to :

    Coreix Limited Admin
    78-102 The Broadway
    London, UK
    E15 1NG
    Dont know who they are and have never heard of them .
    I never used to get this and the Firewall suggests this is a major threat .
    Checked Pc for spyware/virus's and the like and I'm clean ,so can someone provide
    an answer ?
    I do know about the referals , if that's what it's connected too.


    Quick PM your bank details and i'll check for you

    They seem to be a hosting company based in stratford [url][/url]…ct/

    They pop up in post 12 on this ]thread

    FYI SP3 has alot of issues atm, i've recently installed it then comp went a bit loopy, tried to sort the problems by forum work etc etc.. eventually i gave up and decided to upgraded it to Vista (now its slow as hell! Grr!). But for my laptop its sticking as SP2.. untill they get all the creases out...

    Original Poster

    Christ , I've just checked my bank ballance on line and theres been a money transfer of
    £2.4 million taken out of my account ..............I'm gutted .How can you allow this to happen ??

    Yes ,I was thinking about un-installing SP3 as I'm not happy with it .

    @harlzter " It seems to be hosted by
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