Found 31st Oct 2007
Am having an argument with one of the phone networks at the moment, they don't want to issue me a pac as I didn't buy the number from them. I can't see how it matters where I got it from, as long as I didn't steal it then I haven't done anything wrong and I legally own that sim card with the number on so surely I'm allowed a pac? I bought it from ebay if it makes any difference?

EDIT - I seem to remember reading before that the regulator has stepped in and told all the networks that they have to issue a pac within 7 days or something like that? Anyone have a link?

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"Can I keep my number when I join Virgin Mobile?
Your number really is your number - you have the right to take it with you when you move from one network to another. To transfer your number, all you have to do is:

Ask your old network for a PAC code.
Then call us on 0845 6000 789 and we'll arrange for your number to be transferred to Virgin Mobile.
We can transfer it for free in as little as 5 working days.
Don't forget, you'll need to keep the account with your old network provider open until we've transferred your number!"…106

Got that from Virgin, it seems to suggest that you are entitled to keep a number.
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