Posted 15th Jul 2019
I wonder if anyone could help or advise me what I should do. I have worked as a personal assistant to a person with learning disabilities for the last 5 years. My hourly rate started at £8 per hour and I am still receiving the same amount 5 years later. I know I had an increase in April to £8.20 but the government gave me that rise to meet the minimum wage .I contacted the persons social officer to request a pay rise and I have found out today from the person whom I support and is my employer that the social officer has been out to see her and informed her that I will not be getting a pay rise and is looking to replace me with another support worker. I am so upset about this as I have a very good relationship with my employer, is the social officer allowed to do this and have I got any rights?, unfortunately I am not in a union. Any advice would be very much appreciated.
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