Am I Married legally in this country ??

    I have just relized that I may not be married. I got married in jamaica in 1996 and I was looking for my wedding cert today couldn't find it so I rang somerset house and they said it had not been registered . Told OH and all he can do is laugh. The place where we got married is no longer there. I do not know what to do next any advice ???????


    Is your husband Mick Jagger?

    i'd say no. go out an have fun!

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    I'd say Yes you are married but I think your marriage certificate info is … I'd say Yes you are married but I think your marriage certificate info is only held in the country where you actually got this :'d phone the contact number in the link below : this too :

    Thanks so much you have been a big help

    if it was me i would get married all over again have have the dj play the 1996 hit macarena and have a :oops: honeymoon :oops: all over again

    If you didnt register your marriage when you re-entered the UK then I'd say no! lol

    Ditch the OH and go

    I got married in 2004 in Florida.
    So am I not legally married?:oops:

    My wife has a driving liscence in our name?


    lol only joking people!

    Yes you ARE married and in the UK it is legally recognised as a marriage providing you satisfied the legal requirements for the marriage in the country that you originally got married in.

    Ideally you should get the marriage recorded when you retrun to the UK but as long as you followed the legal requirements in the country that you got married in and have the paperwork/certificates then you should be fine.

    Also note that just in case you're planning on getting hitched in Vegas some blurry eye-evening then make sure you get the legal certificate the morning after as they only supply you with a novelty certificate at the drive thru ceremonies! lol
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