am i missing something?

    I have been buying a few old banknotes recently and looking on Ebay saw this >>> 280586740870


    Just proves that eBay has a huge moron count. X)

    lol and he as sold 5, some people.

    Make them an offer then, 50p in the Euro should do it

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    Make them an offer then, 50p in the Euro should do it8)

    That was the best of it, he has offers available but all the ones he has sold have been 'full' price. I got a couple of tenners I was thinking of putting on...

    Crazy lol

    They probably worked the exchange rate the wrong way around so they think they got a bargain!

    I'm going to dig out my old hols money - leftover french francs & deutchmarks & see if someone will buy those.
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