Am I paying BT £8.24/month in line rental?

Found 21st Jul 2010
For sake of arguement

My BT Bill, paper bills paid quarterly, 1st June to August 30th = £12.49x3 = £37.47 that's £149.88 per year

I just called 150, paid £113.88 for 12months line rental to commence 1st September 2010 ending August 30th 2011.

£113.88/12 = £9.49/month
With a DD setup for call charges

Also there's a potential £1.25 discount on my bill (added as credit) every month for going paperless.

Now I was silly and did not confirm the paperless discount for sure but I am paperless for sure.

So my question is, am I paying £8.24/month or £9.49/month rental between 1st September 2010 and August 30th 2011

PS. This is all in the light of BT Increasing their line rental to £13.49/month from October so a preemptive strike from me for most of 2011 anyways to save £40ish i think?

PSS This also seems to be punitive to people unable to stump up the £113.88 to pay for the cheaper line rental with mention in future might allow people to pay 2-3years line rental in advance, those paying monthly/quarterly being penalised

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Thank you for the link, will have to check it out.



You have to make a certain number of calls (these can be chargeable or … You have to make a certain number of calls (these can be chargeable or inclusive calls) to meet the 'minimum call commitment'. If you're monthly billed you'll need to make at least two calls a month. If you're quarterly billed you need to make at least six calls in each quarter. Otherwise you'll be charged £1.50 a month (£4.50 a quarter).

You wont get the discount for going paper free. The £113.88 covers you for a year from when you make the payment, so if you did it yesterday your covered until 20th July 2011.

You will also not have to pay the additional when line rental goes up slightly in October.

People paying monthly / quaterly arent being punished at all, just you get a better deal for paying in advance. Same as if you take up a 24month contact you get a better deal than doing a 12month contract

Original Poster

I was told, quite specifically it starts from when my last bill rental payment cover stops, ie in my example I am paid up until August 31st, before that payment, when that line rental saver takes over rental cost, i think i'll pester BT again.

Original Poster

It seems you are right nono, I called to check, it's immediate, with my June payment, rental until yesterday excluded, has now become credit on my bill.

And that the woman to whom I spoke when making that line rental saver payment was talking rubbish, ahhhh BT.... lol

Of course Im right schizoboy, Im a woman, im always right
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