Am I Taking Crazy Pills? iPhones Have Seperated/Listed Voicemails... Right?

    Am I taking crazy pills, or didn’t the iPhone have a voicemail facility where your VoiceMail page was a list of voicemails – and you could click on each one (which would be separated by the name of the contact/number who called).

    It was like organised voicemails and you didn’t have to go all through them… You could pick and choose (and delete).

    But my mate has the 5C and he says that what I'm describing doesn’t exist and he’s never seen before!?

    Am I mad – or is this an old thing? Why the hell did they get rid of it? (If so).

    If we are both correct, then are there any phones out there that do this? The ability to see and listen to each individual voicemail instead of calling a number and listening to each one in length.


    If he is with Vodafone then he won't have seen visual voicemail as they don't support it. but yes visual voicemail does exist on (some (depending on network provider)) iPhones.

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    You are taking crazy pills, can I have some? No idea

    Original Poster

    "Visual Voicemail" is the right term - thank you RossD89

    Found it on the Apple Site and only EE and O2 support it…937

    However, I have just found an app that cheats and gives you Visual Voicemail

    So sounds like ive found a workaround. Which is brilliant.

    Just needed to refer to it as the right thing. "Visual Voicemail" #Win
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